Why should your gender or sexuality define who you are?  And who controls the notion of identity?  One would guess that if you are not in control of it, you are being controlled by it...

Being ostracised by your own community, beaten and judged, all for self-determining your gender, is something today’s guest knows all too well.

The deeply rooted social stigma and prejudices that the transgender group face from members of society still exist, despite India’s declaration that they are the Third Gender under the constitution and should not be discriminated against.  Yet many are still denied basic rights and forced into poverty.  It is estimated that a whopping 74% of transgender persons have had to leave their homes and families because of their identity and have faced violence and abuse.

In today’s episode, Rajan travels to India to meet activist Rudrani Chhetri, whose fight for legal/social acceptance and respect of third genders has gone a long way.  Although Rudrani has faced many hardships, she is a talented model, actor and entrepreneur opening the first Indian transgender modeling agency called Bold, in 2015, which is bringing a new paradigm shift in the way fashion labels work. She also supports over 5000 individuals in Delhi, people often from dire situations. 

Rudrani is a symbol of inclusivity for many and today, she shares some unique insights into what identity means to her, and this notion of Indianness that we should be celebrating. 


What has been your experience with gender identity?  Share your comments below.


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Presenter – Rajan Nazran

Producer – Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

Guest – Rudrani Chhetri

Art Design – Vanisha Patel

Social Media – @thenazrans @globalindianseries

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