What is identity and where do we draw the line between politics and people?  Is gender identity?  Do borders define our perceptions of it?  Who’s history matters most and do we need to question the colonial past that has defined us today?

In today’s podcast, Rajan travels to Pakistan to meet Moiz, a celebrated comedian and activist who takes us on a tour of social constructs, histories that have defined nations and the big questions you need to ask yourself. Warning there are two f bombs in this episode –

For me this is a conversation that needs to be heard and one that will leave you with more questions than most feel comfortable with… and in the greater picture of life, I believe that is a good place to be. 


Thank you to our guest @unrelentlesslyyours for sharing and being so open.

What are your thoughts on identity?  Share your comments below.

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Guest – MOIZ

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