It’s a real affirmation that politicians of Indian origin have arrived in the USA and the UK is lucky to already have many remarkable custodians of British politics. Of these, one of the most important members is that of Lord Rami Ranger.

In this Episode, Rajan stays in the UK to understand more about the fascinating life of Rami Ranger, from being a refugee to instituting positive change in British Politics and becoming a key member of the house of Lords. 

Back Ground-

Lord Ranger's journey has been no easy feat. Two months before he was born, his father was assassinated in now Pakistan throwing the entire family’s life in turmoil. They found themselves as refugees in present day India with his mother facing demands to put her seven children for adoption because of the hardship they were facing.

Later on in life, he sold everything he owned to make a success in the UK. From humble beginnings at KFC to changing the fabric of British politics, his podcast reflects upon the life lessons you need to know.


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Presenter - Rajan Nazran

Producer - Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

Guest - Lord Rami Ranger

Art Design - Vanisha Patel

Social Media - @thenazrans @globalindianseries

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