In this episode, Rajan travels to South Africa to have an open conversation with Santosh Harilal. A recovering Alcoholic whose life started to spiral out of control from the tender age of 13. The pair have an open and frank conversation about the horrific journey that nearly led to murder and the remarkable journey to sobriety.  

Losing control of yourself and your actions, hurting loved ones, feeling hysterical, paranoid, or on the verge of going crazy, are all possible side-effects of alcoholism and what our guest Santosh openly speaks about.

We meet a man haunted by his horrific past actions and now, almost 12 years in sobriety, he speaks of his remarkable road to recovery, his demons, and his advice to others suffering from alcohol abuse. It is a raw, courageous account of life as an alcoholic and the gift of a new start.

A special thank you to our guest for sharing his experience with us.

Alcohol abuse - 

Alcoholism, known as Alcoholic Use Disorder (AUD), is a condition in which a person has a desire or physical need to consume alcohol, even though it has a negative impact on their life. It can affect people from all walks of life.

Our community - 

In some countries, alcohol abuse is a major public health concern.  Amongst our global Indian community, 1/3 of domestic violence incidents occur while intoxicated, a whopping 60% of all emergency room visits involve alcohol and it is also the most common cause of cirrhosis in our community.

Despite this, drinking is commonly normalised in our community and embraced by many as an accepted form of social engagement. Although not everyone who drinks alcohol becomes addicted, some do.

What is your experience with alcohol? Has it affected you or others around you? Have you sought help? Share your comments below.

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Presenter - Rajan Nazran

Producer - Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

Guest - Santosh Harilal

Art Design - Vanisha Patel

Social Media - @thenazrans @globalindianseries


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