Sight loss affects around 2 million people in the UK, and around 360,000 of them are formally registered blind or partially sighted.

For many, the thought of losing our sight is a horrifying prospect. Despite facing immense difficulties as a result of vision loss, there are some truly amazing people in the world who have overcome their disability to achieve amazing things and Azeem Amir is one of them.

In this episode, Rajan stays in the UK to talk to Azeem as part of the Fighters Season. Blind since birth, Azeem overcame all odds by becoming the first South Asian England footballer and competing in the Euros. He is part of England’s national blind football team, an adapted format of 5-a-side with four outfield players who are completely blind and a fully sighted goalkeeper on each team. The outfield players will wear patches and a blindfold to ensure an even playing field, and the ball has ball bearings within its panels to create a rattling noise when shaken.

He has also competed in Tough Mudder, raised thousands for charity, has a first class honours degree and dreams of competing in the Paralympics.

Azeem opens up to me about his disability, social challenges and his career. Today’s podcast is a beautiful celebration of success, defying the odds and achieving goals despite having a disability. A special thank you to our guest for joining us.  With his positive mindset, talent and commitment its easy to imagine him succeeding in anything he puts his mind to.

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Presenter - Rajan Nazran

Producer - Global Indian Series/NazranRoth

Guest - Azeem Amir

Art Design - Vanisha Patel

Social Media - @thenazrans @globalindianseries

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